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Why Vipeqs Thermal CorkShield is the Superior Choice Over Acrylic Stucco

When it comes to selecting the ideal finish for your building, several crucial factors must be taken into consideration, including cost, aesthetics, longevity, environmental impact, sustainability, and community impact. At Vipeq, we firmly believe that achieving success in one aspect should not require compromising on performance in another. That’s why our Thermal CorkShield stands out as the superior option, especially when compared to acrylic stucco.

Thermal CorkShield is a high-quality, granulated cork-based envelope that is expertly spray-applied, resulting in a consistent texture and color that is both beautiful and durable. The main component of our mixture is Portuguese cork, making up over 80% of the blend. The cork industry in Portugal is highly sustainable, as cork trees are never cut down during harvesting. Instead, the outer bark is harvested every 8-10 years, ensuring the tree’s longevity for over 300 years.

One of the most significant advantages of our cork envelope is its ability to provide a thermal break, measured in K and U values. This leads to improved insulation for your walls, minimizing the impact of conduction, convection, and radiation. In contrast, traditional acrylic stucco can inadvertently accelerate thermal energy transfer as it heats up in the sun and cools down in the cold. Through rigorous laboratory testing and certification, our seamless cork envelope has proven to slow down both hot and cold energies, making buildings finished with Vipeqs Thermal CorkShield significantly more efficient.

Moreover, our cork finish outshines acrylic stucco when it comes to longevity and color retention. While most stuccos fade at an annual rate of 8-12%, Vipeq exteriors experience a mere 1% annual fading. This means that clients can enjoy their high-end finish for a much longer period. What might take a stucco exterior only a year to show in terms of fade will take a cork building a decade to exhibit. Our vibrant and bright colors remain intact without the worry of rapid deterioration. Additionally, the CorkSpray product’s impact and crack resistance ensures a durable and long-lasting finish, free from unsightly hairline cracks and fractures. The buoyant nature of cork, filled with air pockets, contributes to its resilience against hail and debris impact.

Furthermore, the rot-resistant and breathable properties of Thermal CorkShield set it apart from acrylic stucco. Laboratory tests have confirmed zero mold growth on our samples, but more importantly, our product’s breathability prevents water from entering the wall while allowing vapors to escape. In comparison, some acrylic systems may trap moisture due to construction details or condensation, leading to potential rot and mold issues. With Thermal CorkShield, condensation is slowed down thanks to the thermal break, and vapor can escape the wall, ensuring a healthier and longer-lasting exterior.

For added peace of mind, our Thermal CorkShield is an approved Class A flame spread with the CANS102 certification, further attesting to its safety and quality.

A compelling reason for consumers to choose Thermal CorkShield, is its unrivaled longevity and maintenance-free nature. No longer will you need to budget for a full exterior overhaul every decade. Once applied, Vipeqs Thermal CorkShield will be a source of pride for building owners and visitors alike. Should a color change be desired after 20 years, it is simple to spray more cork in a different hue on top. In the rare event of any damage, patching and blending are effortless, ensuring the finish remains impeccable for the entire lifespan of the building.

In conclusion, when weighing the options between Vipeqs Thermal CorkShield and acrylic stucco, the choice is clear. With superior insulation, exceptional longevity, environmental sustainability, and enhanced aesthetics, Thermal CorkShield offers unparalleled performance and lasting beauty, making it the premium choice for any building project.

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