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VIPEQ Thermal CorkShield™

We are the official manufacturer and distributor of VIPEQ products all across USA.

We are committed to bringing sustainable and top quality products to an industry we are passionate about...


Why choose Cork?

Cork is a semi-permeable buoyant material composed of suberin,  a hydrophobic substance that prevents mildew growth. Cork naturally has elastic and fire retardant properties as well.

Every 9 to 10 years the bark of the Quercus Suber (Cork Oak tree)  is harvested. The removal of the bark allows the tree to grow  bigger. The tree itself will live for hundreds of years allowing for  many more harvests. Once the bark is removed, the tree will  release large of amounts of oxygen, benefiting our environment.

 Our product is a natural  thermal barrier that greatly  reduces heat or cold from  penetrating into your home  or office.

 Cork is naturally fire  retardant, it will not release  incandescent particlesnor  will the flames propagate.


Mildew Resistant

Cork contains a fatty acid, suberin, which repels rot and  prevents mold and mildew  growth. In recent lab tests,  our product developed zero  mold growth.



Cork prevents water from  passing through but allows  water vapour to escape,  preventing rot.



Because we dye each mixture on site with our own proprietary pigments, we are seeing less than 1% fade annually, compared to the 5-10% average that comes with traditional paint and stucco.



The bark of the cork tree is removed every nine years causing large amounts of oxigen to be released by the tree into the environment. Thermal CorkShield is a greener naturally renewable resource.


All around
the world

Look at this beautiful application. 🙌

Our innovative, environmentally friendly product can be applied to almost any surface, restoring vitality and performance to any building exterior.

Markets & Industries
For more than 10 years, almost every market has found a place for our product.

Choose your favorite wide range of colors

Available in 29 colors, allowing you to play with a wide variety of combinations when designing building projects.

The process



Flame Spread  Rating

We recently scored a 0 flame spread in the CAN/ULC S102-18. This rating means  that flames will not easily or quickly spread over your wall surface which adds  precious time in an emergency.


Smoke Development  Rating

In the same test, we scored a 10/450 on smoke development. With smoke often  being the most harmful part of any fire emergency, this is a rating we can be proud  of. During this test, lab techs reported that there was no visible surface ignition.


Water Based  Polymer Resin

Free from harsh chemicals and solvents, making it a product safe to use inside  your home or commercial space, and more environmentally friendly.


Mold & Mildew  Resistant

In recent lab tests ASTM G21-2015, samples received a rating of 10. There was  zero defacement on the test specimens at the completion of the mold resistance  evaluation.

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