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“Vipeq’s Thermal CorkShield™ is a product that not only looks great, it’s going to last a lifetime, it’s environmentally friendly, and adds insulation value to your home.”

– Mike Holmes



Vipeq's Thermal CorkShield™ has many amazing benefits:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ’s

  • Does it absorb sound?
    Depending on the surface it is applied to Cork can absorb unwanted echoes and sound. When applied on the exterior of a home it greatly reduces unwanted noise from entering your home.
  • Is it fireproof?
    Our test have shown that Thermal CorkShield has zero flame spread, will not release incandescent particles that could cause fires.
  • Is it Waterproof and breathable?
    It is water resistant. Just like cork in a wine bottle it will stop the passage of moisture going through however allow it to breath. On your wall it is an effective semi-permeable envelope.
  • Is it flexible?
    The capacity to recover the initial volume after deformation allows it to be very flexible. It can virtually eliminate the cracking seen in most stucco type finishes.
  • What type of surfaces will Thermal CorkShield stick to?
    Because the cork is lined with micro suction-cups that permit it to adhere to the surface without allowing it to slide, it has a High Friction Coefficient, allowing it to adhere to almost any surface! ...
Welcome to our blog at VIPEQ America.

Welcome to our blog at VIPEQ America.

We are pleased to create a community of construction professionals…

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Why choose cork?

Why choose cork?

Vipeq’s Thermal CorkShield is an environmentally friendly, insulating spray product…

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