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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent matters and answers

What is the R-Value?

R value is low due its thickness only being 1/8” however its K value is very low too, which translates to a lot less heat and cold  conducted to inside and viceversa The insulation performance on our product is based on its K value rather than R value.

What is the cost per sqf?

Price varies depending on many factors such as ease of access, level of prep and square footage.

Is this a DIY product?

Due to its warranty, it must be applied by a certified installer

Unfortunately this is not a DYI kind of product, it requires a specialized machine, technic and proper thickness for warranty purposes.

Will I have to modify my building to support the product?

No, 88% of our Thermal CorkShield product’s volume is air. This translates to a lower density; approx. between 0.12-0.24 quartz/ lb.

How is the product applied?

Thermal CorkShield is applied onto the surface using a textured sprayer by one of our certified applicators.

What is the warranty?

The warranty has just gone up from 10 years to 15 years given our past performance !!

Is it Waterproof and breathable?

It is water resistant. Just like cork in a wine bottle it will stop the passage of moisture going through however allow it to breath. On your wall it is an effective semi-permeable envelope.

Is it flexible?

The capacity to recover the initial volume after deformation allows it to be very flexible. It can virtually eliminate the cracking seen in most stucco type finishes.

What type of surfaces will Thermal CorkShield stick to?

Because the cork is lined with micro suction-cups that permit it to adhere to the surface without allowing it to slide, it has a High Friction Coefficient, allowing it to adhere to almost any surface! Brick, stucco, wood/composite/metal siding, glass and more. ( we will coat pretty much anything with exception to vinyl siding )

Is it toxic?

No, we are proud to offer a water-based product with other natural and renewable resources that is non voc and non-toxic.

Can I lower my energy costs using Thermal CorkShield?

Certainly, energy savings vary from 10-50%, depending on the structures age and type.

How does it stand up to the cold, will it freeze?

Cork will never freeze thus remaining maleable in the most extreme temperatures.
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