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Why should YOU become a Vipeq Certified Applicator?

Becoming a Vipeq Certified Applicator means becoming a part of a network of like-minded individuals looking to improve the lives of their customers and families, with a product that they can be proud of for years to come.

When you become a Vipeq Certified Applicator, you immediately have access to the vast expanse of Vipeq knowledge and the support of everyone involved, to create or grow a business that is all yours and without having to start from scratch. A business based on an eco-friendly selection of products originating from Spain, made in Canada on your very neighbors’ soil, and made to perform!

Our premier product, Vipeq Thermal CorkShield, is one of only 25 select products that are Mike Holmes Approved. Mike is an HGTV celebrity who stands for quality and making things rightthe first time when building or doing renovations! Being a part of our network means that you are also a part of his. We have worked hard to create a strong relationship with Mike and the Holmes Group, guaranteeing his dedicated fans are educated about Vipeq cork spray and asking for our Certified Applicators only for their next exterior project.

Vipeq and its product distribution is based on a business model that says ‘hell no’ to the typicalfranchise and product lines that leave you consistently paying your hard-earned cash just to stay within a box that has been already built for you. What we offer is an exclusive partnership;including access to products, know-how and resources, and a brand to base your ideas upon in almost any way you see fit!

We start with a package; relevant to your area, current know-how AND future goals; containing elements you will need to be successful on your mission to entrepreneurial freedom! Along with a load of product to start, we get you trained on the ins-and-outs of Thermal CorkShieldapplication and make sure the equipment you are provided is up to par and ready to work for you. We train you on how to talk about Vipeq products, and what sales tactics have worked for us when helping folks understand the benefits and features of spray cork VS other exterior finishes, like paint or stucco.

Vipeq also offers extras like affordable online marketing plans and website development,customized to your own personal branding with our in-house marketing team.

After everything is in place and you are ready to spray the days away, you have our continuous and consistent support for all things ordering, application, sales, and product knowledge. On top of that, you will forever have access to all Vipeq products on the market (not just Thermal CorkShield) as they come out of the lab and make their way to your region.

A one-time deal for a lifetime of growth sounds pretty good, right? We think so too. Send us a message today to discuss what Vipeq Certification can do for you.

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