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Quartz Particles Coating


STONE VIPEQ is a colored mineral-synthetic finish coating with high surface hardness and flexibility. Selected quartz particles, binders and additives make it suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications

A complete solution for floors on roofs, flat roofs, passable balconies and terraces.

Final coating on walls and floors of bathrooms, tiling and other substrates, without removing them

The characteristics of its composition make it a perfect material for coating plinths, pillars, terraces, decks or fiberglass swimming pools. Its high quartz content gives it high strength and hardness. Its application is ideal as a decorative finish both indoors and outdoors.


  • Appearance: DOUGHY PRODUCT
  • High superficial hardness
  • Texture: GRAINY

Color combinations can be made according to customer needs. STONE VIPEQ® allows you to renew or cover pool tiles.

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